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Buying in Bulk

Bulk purchasing typically involves purchasing a larger quantity of a product for a lower unit price. These economies of scale are a cost advantage for your business.

The ability to buy in bulk is very helpful in the food industry. It allows your business to purchase food ingredients at lower prices, which allows you to keep your price to consumer attractive, while still maintaining a healthy net profit on your finished products.

Interra International offers its customer the ability to purchase bulk quantities of the following food commodities:

Bulk Packaging


Bulk tomato paste can be purchased in plastic drums or wood bins. The plastic drums offer net weights from approximately 530 to a maximum of 2,900 pounds.Bulk diced tomatoes can be purchased in 55 gallon drums and 300 gallon bins.



Bulk nuts can be purchased in a variety of sizes.




Bulk sugar is also available in a variety of sizes. Sugar is typically shipped in bags with loads from a single container to large bulk and break-bulk cargo lots.



Bulk rice (white, brown, long grain, organic, and parboiled) is offered in a variety of packaging, such as, bulk vessel, bulk containers, bagged in 20 Kg., 45 Kg., 50 Kg. and retail.

Quality Products – Bulk Pricing

If your business would benefit from purchasing bulk food products, let Interra International help you find the right product, the best source, and the bulk packaging that would best serve your business. Our product experts are here to help. Call us today for more information. (+1) 770.612.8101

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