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Summer Tomatoes

There is nothing more delicious than fresh summer tomatoes. Farmers markets are brimming with all the colorful varieties and specialty heirloom tomatoes; some of those heirloom tomatoes are as big as pumpkins! Beefsteak, Black Krim, Roma, Kumato, Cherry, Brandywine, Jubilee, and more. Their colors range from deep crimson to orange, yellow, green, and purple. There is nothing sweeter and easier to incorporate into appetizers, salads, and main courses as the summer tomato. Tomatoes are an extremely versatile food and the basis of many cultural dishes. Raw, cooked, roasted, or pureed, they add flavor and nutrition wherever they go. While they are at the peak of their flavor as a fresh picked fruit, they also perform well frozen, jarred, and canned.

So Many Different Tomato Varieties

From Slicers to Paste, there is a variety just perfect for your food recipe.

The red tomato is most popular and typically offers the most balanced palette of sweet, acidic, and tangy. Green tomatoes are especially sweet. Yellow and white tomatoes are typically mild and sweet without tang as they are the least acidic.

Orange tomatoes are very flavorful…bright color, bright flavor. Black or purple tomatoes exhibit the most complex flavors…smoky, earthy, and sweet without being quite as tart.

Bulk Tomatoes

If your business thrives on tomato products, you need a tomato distributor who will provide you with the right product, responsibly sourced, and efficiently delivered. Interra International is your connection to the food supply chain. Our highly-specialized systems offer timely tracking and transfer of information, distinguishing Interra from the competition through outstanding customer service.

Interra International – dedicated to value and service. Contact us and experience the difference.

Interra International

Customized Trade Solutions

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