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Healthy Feed Ingredients – Healthy Animals

Interra International | Global Trader of Wholesale Feed Products

Feed ingredients can account for up to two thirds of the cost of raising livestock. It is important to make sure those investments are quality for the health of the animal as well as for the health of the final products sold to the world as food. Feeding your livestock and poultry quality feed ingredients and high-grade supplements helps insure the health of the animals.

Interra International is deeply rooted in the food industry. With strategic relationships round the globe, we endeavor to bring the best sources of feed products based on your needs and your location. We work hard to influence the quality of feed products at the source, giving livestock and poultry a healthy diet. Your healthy animals mean healthy food products for all of the consumers who benefits from these efforts.

At Interra International, we source quality feed ingredients including animal proteins, dairy proteins, amino-acid feed ingredient supplements, and phosphate feed ingredient supplements. Our feed products are designed to help build stronger bones, improve digestion, and keep animals lean and fit. Healthier livestock means healthier food for families around the world.

Learn more about our feed ingredients, call us with any questions  +1 770-612-8101, or fill out our contact us form!

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