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Fun Facts About Nuts

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We know nuts. We love nuts. Here are some fun facts about nuts – some you may know; others may surprise you…

  1. Peanuts aren’t nuts

They are actually legumes. They once thought to be best avoided during pregnancy because of potential allergic concerns. Now they believe that children born from women who eat peanuts during pregnancy have a lower incidence of nut allergies.

  1. Almonds support good gut health

In addition to high Vitamin E content, eating almonds provide beneficial gut bacteria due to the probiotic effect of almond lipids. Almonds are also great at helping you feel full without the risk of weight gain.

  1. Cashews belong to the same plant family as poison ivy

Did you ever wonder why you never see cashews for sale in their shells? The poison or itch-inducing oil inherited from the poison ivy/poison sumac family is found in the shell.

  1. Walnuts contain Omega-3 Fats

Since the human body cannot manufacture omega-3 fats, it is important to consume foods rich in these important fats. Omega-3 fats protect the body against a host of illnesses. Walnuts are the ONLY nut with omega-3 fats. Just ¼ cup of walnuts provide ~90% of the RDA for this healthy fat.

  1. Pistachios are considered a fruit

The green color in pistachios comes from chlorophyll and these tasty little guys are indeed classified as a fruit.

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