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A Cut Above – The Tastiest and the Healthiest

Does your business depend on high-quality meat/beef products? Are you concerned with taste and health? Interra International is an industry expert providing wholesale beef products globally. We have local experienced teams around the world that can answer to your business concerns.

Healthy or Tasty – Are they mutually exclusive

The tastiest cuts of beef are those that are marbled with fat. As the beef cooks, the fat keeps the meat moist and flavored. In fact, a well-marbled steak tends to demand a higher price as these cuts are the most tender and flavorful.

The term “quality grade” is used by meat experts to describe the level of marbling, along with other aspects of the meat from the fat thickness on the outside of the carcass to the age of the cattle as well as the coloration of the beef.

Fine marbling is the most sought after, where thin filaments of fat are present in the muscle. A high frequency of fine marbling is the recipe for a fine steak or prime rib of beef.

Finding the right beef product – finding balance

While you might argue that the healthiest cuts of beef are the extra-lean cuts, I think we will all agree that taste is also important. For the restaurant business, a chef wants their guests to rave about the latest beef creation, not exclaim how healthy it is. The balance between the two is important.

If your food business is looking for the “cut above”, then consider a business partner that delivers quality, price, and excellent service. Interra International is a trusted food trader and food distributor with over 30 years of experience in the meat-beef industry and strategic partnerships across the globe to deliver quality and excellence that you can count on.


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