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Go Nuts – Raw & Roasted

peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios

Nuts are an excellent source of protein and serve the food industry in so many ways. From garnish to gourmet, nuts are taking on new flavors and becoming increasingly popular across all aspects of the food industry.

We drink almond milk, garnish our food with slices, and add slivers to our salads. Walnuts are just as popular with breakfast breads, delicious desserts, and many main dishes infused with their flavors. Pistachios make a lovely ice cream but are great simply extracted from their shell. And don’t forget the peanut, one of the most important foods in the world.

Nuts – The Healthy Snack

Though nuts have been a part of our diets since pre-agricultural times, they are gaining a newfound reputation as a healthy snack due to the fact that they are high in good fats and are an excellent source of protein. From hikers and bikers to walkers and everyone in-between, nuts are a great snack, a go-to food, and can be had in so many ways and in so many flavors.

Go Nuts – Raw or Roasted

There is nothing better than a delicious nut. Bring your food products to life with quality nuts sourced globally. Contact Interra for more information and the best way to Go-Nuts,  or if you are interested in consumer packaged goods, contact our Interra Food Marketing team, we can help!

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