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Wholesale Pork Belly Prices Rise – Bacon is Sizzling Hot

Bacon wrapped Meat products

Bacon is a favorite food and not just for breakfast. Lunch, appetizers, and dinner plates are flavored with bacon. Everything tastes better with bacon, even lip balm and toothpaste have been made bacon flavored!

In fact, bacon, or wholesale pork bellies, is a hot commodity…especially during grilling season. Every summer the price of wholesale pork rises, especially bacon, as pork production is lower that time of year. Cold storage of pork bellies is used to offset the slow period in order to meet the summer demand.

Less pork + More Demand = Higher Prices

Pork production peaks in the cooler months and declines significantly during the warmer months. As the demand rises and cold storage supplies dwindle, the prices tend to rise as well. As the cooler weather settles in, the prices will typically relax with the increased production. The goal is that during the cooler months, excess supplies can be put into cold storage for the next warm season. Currently cold storage supplies are now the lowest they’ve been in 60 years. In fact, cold storage supplies in the U.S. are down 59% from last year.

Interra International – Quality Wholesale Pork

Don’t let the summer month’s impact your wholesale pork needs. Interra International is a global food trade organization with outstanding market expertise and worldwide supply sources. Their network of partnerships offers a diverse product selection of quality wholesale pork, prepared and packaged to your specifications. Contact us for more information.

Interra International

Customized Trade Solutions

“The right source, The right price, The right time – Interra Delivers!”


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