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Interra 是一个跨越 6 个大陆和使用 15 种语言的社群,从 45 个源国家采购、销售和运输超过 4300 种产品到 112 多个目的国家。我们以创新、合作和团队为核心。

加入 Interra,一个多元且充满激情的以价值驱动的专业人士团体,与我们一起创造我们的世界!





Interra International 致力于为所有合格的申请人和员工提供平等的培训、薪酬、调动、晋升和其他就业机会的政策,不考虑性别、种族、肤色、宗教、国籍、年龄、残疾、性取向或退伍军人身份。



At Interra, we have a strong commitment to enriching the overall well-being of our employees.  As part of our commitment, Interra works diligently to offer and maintain competitive benefits to promote the good health of its employees and their families.

Interra provides a full range of benefits including:

Medical Insurance

Interra offers all of their full-time employees with health, vision, and dental insurance.

Paid Time Off

Whether it is sick time or vacation time, Interra believes that their employees need time away from the office. That’s why they have paid time off at every level of employment.

Life Insurance

Taking care of employees and their families both now and in the future is a core priority for Interra. That’s why we offer life insurance benefits to every employee.

Matched 401K

It’s never too early to plan for retirement. Interra offers a 401K with employer match. This will allow you to grow your nest egg exponentially faster.

Flexible Spending Account

A flexible spending account provides more than just a savings of money. It is also a great benefit throughout the year.

Disability Insurance

The unexpected happens. That’s why Interra makes sure that their employees are covered by both short and long term disability insurance.

Employee Assistance

The employee assistance program makes sure you are getting the guidance and help you need when you need it.

Career Enhancement

We want all of our employees to be successful. We hope to move their career forward through our career enhancement seminars.

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